Definition of quark-gluon plasma in US English:

quark-gluon plasma


  • A hypothetical, highly energized form of matter that contains unbound quarks and gluons, believed to have been present ten millionths of a second after the Big Bang.

    • ‘In three spatial dimensions, it is a close relative of the quark-gluon plasma, the super-hot state of matter that hasn't existed since the tiniest fraction of a second after the big bang that started the universe.’
    • ‘At low temperatures, quarks are confined in hadrons, whereas at higher temperatures they form a quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘Theorists predict that just after the big bang, there would have existed a quark-gluon plasma, and some theorists argue that this is what the researchers have discovered.’
    • ‘The universe was very likely such a quark-gluon plasma for a brief moment after the Big Bang.’
    • ‘They are trying to get subatomic particles called quarks and gluons to separate from the nuclei and form a superheated quark-gluon plasma, 40 billion times hotter than room temperature.’
    • ‘Among the most exotic forms of matter ever concocted is the quark-gluon plasma, newly created by physicists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a particle-accelerator facility on New York's Long Island.’
    • ‘The first stage in the creation of these new particles, like the first stage of the creation of matter in the Big Bang, is thought to be the quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘In so doing they have generated the long sought quark-gluon plasma in which quarks are ‘free’.’
    • ‘That is, the energy of the collisions was predicted to be sufficient to ‘melt’ the protons and neutrons and produce a hot ‘soup’ of free quarks and gluons, dubbed the quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘The scientists respond that catastrophe is extremely unlikely, and that the tiny chance of disaster is outweighed by all the benefits to humanity to flow from creating a quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘‘The current findings don't rule out the possibility that this new state of matter is in fact a form of the quark-gluon plasma, just different from what had been theorized,’ Aronson said.’
    • ‘It has been host to Nobel Prize-winning research, scientists have discovered neutral currents, sorted the anti-matter from the matter and created an entirely new form of matter - quark-gluon plasma - last seen just after the big bang.’
    • ‘This marked the first major milestone in the search for a quark-gluon plasma or QGP.’
    • ‘While the presence of quark-gluon plasma has not been confirmed, the scientists agree that the matter they observed is different from anything else previously seen.’
    • ‘Here I must apply the principles of nuclear dynamics including inferences of quark-gluon plasma to argue Hawthorn's case.’
    • ‘In theory, very hot, dense matter can dissolve into a mass of loosely associated quarks and gluons known as a quark-gluon plasma, or QGP, where particles would behave differently than they do in normal nuclei.’
    • ‘The first measurements of head-on collisions at RHIC energies, with nuclei as heavy as gold, have already taken us a major step toward the long-sought quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘These extreme conditions were expected to have liberated quarks and gluons from their quantum prisons inside the gold protons and neutrons, producing a primordial particle soup - quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘By using experiments that involve millions of particle collisions, researchers hope to find unambiguous evidence of quark-gluon plasma.’
    • ‘The stunning implication is that a quark-gluon plasma had been present in the gold-gold experiments.’