Definition of quantum theory in US English:

quantum theory


  • A theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics.

    • ‘While in Russia he wrote two papers on Einstein's relativity theory and one on Planck's quantum theory.’
    • ‘For example, Werner Heisenberg adopted the photon concept in his development of quantum theory.’
    • ‘For the rest of his life, Bell continued to criticise the usual theories of measurement in quantum theory.’
    • ‘However there were concepts in the new quantum theory which gave major worries to many leading physicists.’
    • ‘Hardly was this feeling firmly established when physics was turned on its head by the twin revolutions of quantum theory and relativity theory.’
    • ‘We should stress that at present there are no problems with either quantum theory or general relativity.’
    • ‘Bell's theorem states that there is no local realistic description of quantum theory.’
    • ‘Ehrenfest was unhappy at the disagreement between Bohr and Einstein over quantum theory.’
    • ‘The role of the observer is central to quantum theory; nothing is known until it is measured by an observer.’
    • ‘This group discussed quantum theory, relativity and statistical mechanics.’
    • ‘According to quantum theory, the state of a particle is described as its wave function.’
    • ‘Hardy highlights the crucial difference between classical probability theory and quantum theory.’
    • ‘The only crack we see in the idea of the continuum comes from quantum theory.’
    • ‘It may run counter to intuition, but that's what standard quantum theory says.’
    • ‘Predicted by quantum theory, ghost radiation is a negative energy field that dampens normal positive energy.’
    • ‘It seems that many of us have a problem with quantum theory, but quantum theory, it has no problem with us!’
    • ‘These papers opened the way for others to apply quantum theory to the atomic nucleus.’
    • ‘One of Penrose's major breakthroughs was his introduction of twistor theory in an attempt to unite relativity and quantum theory.’
    • ‘So according to quantum theory, the vacuum is a seething sea of ‘virtual’ particles.’
    • ‘So the obvious next step would be to combine general relativity, the theory of the very large, with quantum theory, the theory of the very small.’


quantum theory

/ˈkwɑn(t)əm ˈθɪəri/