Definition of quantum gravity in US English:

quantum gravity


  • A theory that attempts to explain gravitational physics in terms of quantum mechanics.

    • ‘The zero-distance behavior which is so problematic in quantum field theory becomes irrelevant in string theories, and this makes string theory very attractive as a theory of quantum gravity.’
    • ‘A different approach, known as loop quantum gravity, describes the gravitational interaction in terms of variables on a loop.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, while we have good theories of atomic physics, we don't real have a good theory of quantum gravity.’
    • ‘No-one is really sure how it should be quantized but the idea of quantized time as well as quantized space and quantized gravity is part of the elusive theory of quantum gravity.’
    • ‘We may resolve the paradox, say in the Euclidean theory of quantum gravity, but what if the Euclidean theory of quantum gravity doesn't correctly describe our universe.’