Definition of quantum chromodynamics in US English:

quantum chromodynamics

(also QCD)

plural noun

  • treated as singular A quantum field theory in which the strong interaction is described in terms of an interaction between quarks mediated by gluons, both quarks and gluons being assigned a quantum number called “color.”.

    • ‘The theory of strong interactions, known as quantum chromodynamics, is well-developed and consistent with experiments, although it is not easy to test it very precisely.’
    • ‘Then similar wisdom was applied to the strong nuclear force to yield quantum chromodynamics, or QCD, and this theory was also renormalizable.’
    • ‘The theory of the strong interaction between quarks - quantum chromodynamics - is approximately invariant under what is called charge symmetry.’
    • ‘Today the other three forces are described by the gauge theories of quantum chromodynamics and quantum electrodynamics, which together make up the Standard Model of particle physics.’
    • ‘Everyone agrees that the fundamental theory of the strong interaction is a quantum field theory known as quantum chromodynamics, or QCD for short.’