Definition of quantum bit in US English:

quantum bit


  • The basic unit of information in a quantum computer.

    • ‘Some scientists are trying to design artificial ways of replicating quantum information; what I'd like to do is find a natural and simple mechanism for taking a quantum bit of information and copying it.’
    • ‘Quantum information investigates the result of basing information theory and practice on quantum physical notions of the world where, for example, a qubit, a quantum bit, can happily be both on and off.’
    • ‘The researchers reported a quantum bit rate error of one percent, which was kept low by the ability of the system to compensate for fluctuations in the phase and polarisation of the light.’
    • ‘This is a quantum bit, rather like a computer's zero or one binary digit, but with an important difference: a qubit can be in two different states at the same time.’
    • ‘Quantum computers require a different kind of error correction because a quantum bit, or ‘qubit,’ of data exists as a simultaneous combination of one and zero.’’