Definition of quantum-mechanical in US English:



  • See quantum mechanics

    • ‘However, as a subatomic particle the electron is also a quantum-mechanical object.’
    • ‘In other words, its quantum-mechanical wavefunction remains unchanged when viewed in a mirror.’
    • ‘The origin of this destructive phenomenon is a quantum-mechanical interaction between the spins of the electrons and the atomic magnetic moments.’
    • ‘Furthermore, experiments are insensitive to the overall phase of quantum-mechanical wavefunctions - a property known as gauge invariance - which leads to the conservation of electric charge.’
    • ‘No prize had been awarded in physics since 1930, yet recent theoretical and experimental achievements had led to a revolutionary new quantum-mechanical depiction of the atom.’
    • ‘Being quantum-mechanical, the electron can also be in a ‘superposition’ of these states, pointing both up and down at the same time.’