Definition of quantile in US English:



  • 1Each of any set of values of a variate which divide a frequency distribution into equal groups, each containing the same fraction of the total population.

    • ‘As in the recent growth scenario, increasing the degree of growth both increased the bias and widened the quantiles of the rec distribution.’
    • ‘In practice, this is not trivial; however, it is simpler in computing the quantiles or P values using the existing tables.’
    • ‘With such distributions, parameters like quantiles are more appropriate.’
    • ‘The empirical data were then graphically compared with the range of 95% of the simulated values belted by these quantiles.’
    • ‘A more indepth analysis of the logistics response times was accomplished by identifying quantiles within the original distribution and eliminating values that occurred in the highest sections.’
    1. 1.1 Any of the groups so produced, e.g. a quartile or percentile.
      • ‘Those who scored in the lowest quantile in psychosocial maturity drank more heavily than did those who scored in the highest quartile.’
      • ‘Table 1 does not contain quantiles larger than the median because the distribution function for the grandchild-grandparent relationship is symmetric.’
      • ‘The mean weights of the quantiles were 168, 209, 231, 248, 262, and 277 grams.’
      • ‘The 95% credibility intervals for each parameter were calculated using upper and lower quantiles of the parameter.’
      • ‘Classification is based on quantiles (each class contains an equal number of counties) that have gained or lost a certain level of migrants.’


1940s: from Latin quantus ‘how great, how much’ + -ile.