Definition of quadruplicate in English:



  • 1Consisting of four parts or elements.

    • ‘Bacteria were surface plated in triplicate or quadruplicate on minimal lactose medium to select for Lac + revertants.’
    • ‘The mean of at least quadruplicate measurements was determined during a period of approximately 2 minutes at each position.’
    • ‘In general, CVs obtained for the quadruplicate within-well analyte measurements were 5-9% for the prepared controls.’
    1. 1.1Of which four copies are made.


  • 1 Multiply (something) by four.

    1. 1.1Make or provide in quadruplicate.


Mid 17th century: from Latin quadruplicat- quadrupled from the verb quadruplicare, from quadruplex, quadruplic- fourfold from quadru- four + plicare to fold.