Definition of quadruplex in US English:


(also quadriplex)


  • 1Fourfold. rare.

  • 2Telecommunications. Originally: designating a system of telegraphy enabling four messages to be sent over a wire at the same time, two in each direction (now chiefly historical). Later also: relating to or designating the transmission or reception of four signals simultaneously over one channel or with one aerial.

  • 3Genetics. Of a polyploid individual: having the dominant allele of a particular gene represented four times.


  • 1Telegraphy. A quadruplex telegraph. Now historical.

  • 2A house or apartment that has four rooms. rare.

  • 3An apartment that has four floors connected by interior staircases.

  • 4A building divided into four separate residences; = "quadplex".


  • with object To make (a circuit, conductor, etc.) quadruplex; to multiply (a circuit's capacity) fourfold; now chiefly historical.


Early 17th century; earliest use found in Thomas Palmer (?1541–1626), author. From classical Latin quadruplex fourfold, multiplied by four, four times as much from quadru- + -plex. Compare earlier quadruple, quadruplicity<br>late 19th century; earliest use found in The Electrician. From quadruplex.