Main definitions of q in English

: Q1Q2


(also q)


  • 1The seventeenth letter of the alphabet.

    • ‘The glossy alabaster white embossment was the silhouette of a horse with the letter Q on its flanks.’
    • ‘The Q virus infects the letter Q on your machine, causing potential damage to any document with a Q in it.’
    • ‘I encountered some difficulty when required to pronounce the letter Q.’
    1. 1.1Denoting the next after P in a set of items, categories, etc.
      • ‘Each element of the set Q occurs exactly once in each row and each column of the table.’
      • ‘All of the currently considered stocks in group q remain in the portfolio.’

Main definitions of q in English

: Q1Q2


  • 1Quarter (used to refer to a specified quarter of the fiscal year)

    ‘we expect to have an exceptional Q4’
  • 2Queen (used especially in describing card games and recording moves in chess)

  • 3Question.

    ‘Q: What's the problem? A: I don't feel well’
  • 4Theology
    Denoting the hypothetical source of the passages shared by the gospels of Matthew and Luke, but not found in Mark.

Main definitions of q in English

: Q1Q2


  • Electric charge.


Mid 19th century: initial letter of quantity.