Definition of pyruvic acid in English:

pyruvic acid


  • A yellowish organic acid that occurs as an intermediate in many metabolic processes, especially glycolysis.

    • ‘Pyruvate is the ‘salt’ of pyruvic acid - a product formed during the aerobic breakdown of glucose.’
    • ‘The breakdown of glycogen, the formation of pyruvic acid and hydrogen ions are represented by the tap.’
    • ‘During glycolysis, a glucose molecule is split to form two molecules of pyruvic acid.’
    • ‘This smaller cycle takes a molecule called pyruvic acid and pulls energy out of it.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin acidum pyruvicum, from acidum acid + pyruvicum based on pyro- (denoting an acid) + Latin uva grape.


pyruvic acid

/pīˌro͞ovik ˈasid/