Definition of pyramid selling in US English:

pyramid selling


  • A system of selling goods or services in which each salesperson recruits further salespeople, resulting in a hierarchy in which each member receives compensation for the sales made by those below them.

    • ‘Is it a revolutionary scheme to slash your phone bill or an elaborate pyramid selling scam?’
    • ‘So it turns out I'm not so much of a blogger as part of some kind of bizarre empty pyramid selling operation.’
    • ‘I haven't forgotten to update you on the things I said I would, including the pyramid selling scheme adventure, but not tonight.’
    • ‘A notorious pyramid selling scam has reared its ugly head in Scotland again.’
    • ‘We have Owen Jennings who was an expert at pyramid selling.’
    • ‘I don't want to be sold into a pyramid selling scheme at the best of times.’
    • ‘Until now, intensive efforts to find legislation that could stamp out pyramid selling have failed.’
    • ‘What is to stop people from holding sessions on the Atkins Diet, on Scientology, or on pyramid selling?’
    • ‘Some pundits argue that many stocks have a lot in common with pyramid selling schemes.’
    • ‘Inside Out exposes the aftermath of a pyramid selling craze that swept the Midlands last year.’
    • ‘The act explains the differences between multi-level marketing and pyramid selling.’
    • ‘However, the Chinese Government has labeled network marketing as pyramid selling, and banned it completely.’
    • ‘Unfortunately pyramid selling is not the only deception targeting consumers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for them, Bulgarians had problems with similar pyramid selling schemes in the early 1990s.’
    • ‘Some 500 cases of illegal activities based on pyramid selling have been discovered around the country.’


pyramid selling

/ˈpirəˌmid ˌseliNG//ˈpɪrəˌmɪd ˌsɛlɪŋ/