Definition of pyracantha in US English:



  • A thorny evergreen Eurasian shrub with white flowers and bright red or yellow berries, which is a popular ornamental.

    Genus Pyracantha, family Rosaceae

    Also called firethorn
    • ‘But the robins weren't the only birds that took advantage of the pyracantha berries while they were on the bush.’
    • ‘Wall shrubs including pyracantha or ornamental quince can be trained and get less out of control than some vigorous climbers.’
    • ‘Plants such as pyracantha and Japanese quince produce flowers and berries on branches more than 1 year old.’
    • ‘The pyracantha bushes flaunt the screaming orange berries, the deciduous hollies sport sparkling red ones on bare stems.’
    • ‘Use bouquets of pyracantha berries in small vases at place settings.’


Modern Latin, via Latin from Greek purakantha, the name of an unidentified plant, from pur ‘fire’ + akantha ‘thorn’.