Definition of pylon in English:



  • 1An upright structure that is used for support or for navigational guidance, in particular.

    • ‘Curving, raked pylons supported two nacelles half the size of the main hull.’
    • ‘Each of the four bearing pins that lie near the foot of four pylons supports 20,000 tonnes, and the arch alone weighs 39,000.’
    • ‘Each is supported along one edge by 21 pairs of concrete pylons.’
    • ‘Each 75-meter-long band, supported along one edge by concrete pylons, cantilevers 52 meters over the stadium seats.’
    • ‘‘There's distortion in the base of the main Etheryn pylon,’ she said.’
    • ‘Patrick built a small pylon near the entrance to the ranch.’
    • ‘The bridge's support system features two concrete pylons and two concrete anchor piers.’
    • ‘One other point: when designing a motorcross track, try to avoid putting a 100 ft steel pylon in the middle of it.’
    • ‘Initially, each roof was to have a three-dimensional truss, a giant bowtie in plan, supported on four massive pylons.’
    • ‘Four corner pylons of masonry support a roof in three curves that rises against the slope.’
    • ‘Near the pointed corner, an external pylon bears steel beams that pierce the curtain wall to support the staircase landings inside.’
    • ‘James replicates three ruined floors in paper, and supports them with a single paper pylon.’
    • ‘An early proposal was to add more supporting pylons, which would have ruined the buoyant esthetic that Foster sought.’
    • ‘Everything's punctuated by massive pylons and palm trees.’
    • ‘One flatter and one steeper arch spring from each pylon and land on different pylons along the opposite line.’
    • ‘We removed the stock mounting pylons, and built custom pylons with integrated bars.’
    • ‘Her defeat was a blow to all who object to the giant pylons.’
    • ‘Dorjan looked around the right hand side of a barnacle - encrusted pylon and studied the wooden labyrinth before him.’
    • ‘There also was one pylon sticking straight up from the top of the pyramid that branched out into four.’
    1. 1.1A tower used for carrying power lines high above the ground.
      • ‘Concerns are also growing over the pylons needed to carry electricity from remote parts of the Highlands and the Borders.’
      • ‘Similarly, experts and lay people have long expressed concern at the impact on people's health of living near electricity pylons.’
      • ‘Exhausted helicopter crews scrambled to pluck desperate victims from trees, rooftops and electricity pylons.’
      • ‘The storm, which also flattened several power pylons, left much of the Eastern Cape without electricity.’
      • ‘His favourite photograph was one of a towering electricity pylon and a large graffiti mural in Mitcham town centre.’
      • ‘He is all too aware of the potential for property prices to fall when pylons are erected nearby.’
      • ‘Just before touchdown the pilot became aware of an electricity pylon coming into view from behind a tree.’
      • ‘Use should also be made of existing buildings and other structures, such as electricity pylons, to site new antennas.’
      • ‘A spokeswoman said: ‘The owl is perched on one of our high voltage electricity pylons.’’
      • ‘There is no escaping the 80 ft tall high-voltage pylons in the Shortlees estate.’
      • ‘The decision means National Grid can now go on to Mrs Craven's land and begin constructing the pylons.’
      • ‘The complex will comprise dozens of pylons, nine electricity substations and five quarries.’
      • ‘Other Scottish sites are located near railway lines, dumps, electricity pylons and canals.’
      • ‘Nearby, some wires hang from the base of an electricity pylon, to which a box seems to be attached.’
      • ‘Eden was also battered by winds of up to 100 mph, bringing down trees and electricity pylons and cutting off homes during the weekend.’
      • ‘The streets are a tangle of stinted electricity pylons and cat's cradle power lines.’
      • ‘Children living close to electricity pylons face a greater risk of contracting leukaemia, it was officially acknowledged yesterday.’
      • ‘Bandits and looters continue to bring down pylons carrying high voltage cables out in the desert road.’
      • ‘People will say that they were told 30 years ago that tobacco was safe and that electricity pylons were safe.’
      • ‘They have blown up power pylons and blocked roads with booby-trapped vehicles.’
    2. 1.2A pillarlike structure on the wing of an aircraft used for carrying an engine, weapon, fuel tank, or other load.
      • ‘External fuel tanks can be carried on the pylons under the wings and jettisoned if necessary.’
      • ‘For launch, the missile was dropped from the pylon, the tail cone was ejected, and the first motor stage ignited.’
      • ‘Israel Military Industries supplies most of the weapons pylons and racks and the external fuel tanks.’
      • ‘Each wing carries four stores pylons: three outboard and one inboard of the wheel fairing.’
      • ‘The aircraft can carry two jettisonable fuel tanks each with a capacity of 1,136 liters on the underwing pylons.’
      • ‘The missiles are suspended from four underwing pylons.’
      • ‘The answer to the problem was to hang immense fuel tanks from underwing pylons.’
      • ‘A center-line pylon was added to carry a bomb or fuel tank.’
      • ‘The plane was slick - no pylons, no tanks, a beautiful sight, rarely seen in the fleet.’
      • ‘Also, the aircraft was fitted with underwing pylons that could carry up to two 1000-lb bombs or additional fuel tanks.’
      • ‘The Mauler carried four 20 mm cannon and was fitted with 15 pylons under the wings and fuselage.’
      • ‘The leading edge of my left outboard pylon dented the trailing edge of the adjacent jet's right stabilator.’
      • ‘Maintainers learned to work on pylons that hold the bombs.’
      • ‘A missile immediately shot out from one of weapons pylons and bore down on the rock.’
      • ‘Also, eight new underwing pylons were added to carry a variety of weapons.’
      • ‘The aircraft was configured with three external fuel tanks and four missiles on the wing pylons.’
      • ‘The F4U-lC had other improvements which included pylons under the stub wings and a center line fuselage pylon.’
      • ‘Finally, the addition of pylons and drop tanks mitigated the F - 80 and F - 84 bomb load and range limitations.’
      • ‘The MH - 60S has the Black Hawk's provisions for mounting the external pylons to carry stores and equipment.’
    3. 1.3A tower or post marking a path for light aircraft, cars, or other vehicles, especially in racing.
      • ‘Officials said it struck a pothole on the runway, hit a pylon and then plunged into a house near the airport in the town of Busia.’
      • ‘However, on 3 December 1937, the aircraft crashed while rounding the first pylon, possibly due to a high-speed stall.’
      • ‘He stops at a floodlight pylon and looks up at a broken hoarding.’
      • ‘Swing left here and follow the path under pylons with the wall on the left.’
      • ‘Our crew chief said we had external damage on the starboard aft pylon that appeared to be related to some type of explosion.’
      • ‘After climbing onto the stubwing and then the aft pylon, I went up to the aft rotor head to survey all that was mine.’
      • ‘Flickering to life, a small light shone from the pylon's centre as the Head Lorekeeper heard a familiar voice in her mind.’
      • ‘The lights, consisting of eight pylons - each holding eight 1,000 watt, amps were powered by a portable generator.’
      • ‘The dust and dirt situation really cut down on visibility and I could only see from pylon to pylon.’
      • ‘Aerial bombs or radio beacons are suspended from external bomb racks on detachable pylons.’
      • ‘However, it also saw one of the last great racing biplanes take to the pylons - the Laird Super Solution.’
      • ‘After a 0-0 draw, the most exciting action was a spectator climbing up a floodlight pylon!’
      • ‘The eight 23 metres pylons suspend an elaborate system which allows for light to be cast also on the practice pitch.’
      • ‘The room had already been lit by moveable light pylons, a leftover from when Wily had first set up operations there.’
      • ‘This went on for a couple of pylons and then Steve lost sight of Bill and wondered where he was.’
      • ‘At the next pylon the controls reversed but by yanking back the throttle he regained control.’
    4. 1.4A monumental gateway to an ancient Egyptian temple formed by two truncated pyramidal towers.
      • ‘But as she walked between the huge pylons of the temple, Miri's soul shrivelled inside her.’
      • ‘There are three pylons surrounding the gate, and I'll bet that this inscription is repeated two more times, once on each of the walls.’
      • ‘But only the next morning could we fathom the magnificence of the temple with its huge pylons and obelisks.’
      • ‘Both stand guard over a giant pylon of the mortuary temple of Amenophis the Third.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek pulōn, from pulē gate.