Definition of pygmy shrew in US English:

pygmy shrew


  • A shrew which is one of the smallest known mammals.

    Genus Sorex, family Soricidae: several species, in particular the Eurasian S. minutus and the American S. hoyi

    • ‘The pygmy shrew is the smallest mammal you'll find in the northern hemisphere.’
    • ‘While mice, rats and moles, rabbits, frogs and a pygmy shrew were recorded, the vast majority of cats favoured birds.’
    • ‘They dominate their other songs like The Colussus of Rhodes towering over a huddle of pygmy shrews.’
    • ‘‘Technically, perhaps,’ replied the imperturbable polymog, ‘but you are to a great white as a pygmy shrew is to a rhinoceros.’’
    • ‘Sometimes I feel more like a pygmy shrew than an armadillo.’