Definition of putrefaction in English:



  • The process of decay or rotting in a body or other organic matter.

    • ‘The air was stuffy and there was an unbearable stench of blood and putrefaction.’
    • ‘As soon as a gap to the underlying chamber was opened, the unmistakable stench associated with putrefaction became terribly evident.’
    • ‘Movies that look deeply into the human soul and uncover putrefaction are hard sells.’
    • ‘Burrowing behind the putrefaction that lines the intestinal walls, they consume and destroy harmful microorganisms.’
    • ‘The putrefaction of the trade unions had reached an advanced stage.’
    • ‘It appears to be the remains of a dog, in a moderate state of putrefaction.’
    • ‘Is this then the end of the long march of human civilisation, this spiritual suicide, this quiet putrefaction of the soul into matter?’
    • ‘The formula of continued life is death, or putrefaction.’
    • ‘Every time you scratch the surface, a terrifying smell of putrefaction comes out.’
    • ‘Pausing for a moment before it strode forward, one of the five monsters spoke, the stench of putrefaction heavy upon its breath.’
    • ‘To do otherwise would merely cultivate an artificial scab over the putrefaction beneath.’
    • ‘I already knew my hand had to be decomposing without circulation, but I wasn't sure how fast the putrefaction had advanced.’
    • ‘She too becomes a zombie, though that's not a bad thing because along with the putrefaction comes a dramatic rise in Patsy's sex appeal.’
    • ‘From this standpoint, the Medicare bill is an object lesson in the putrefaction of democracy in the US.’
    • ‘Also evident is the advanced state of putrefaction for what is passed off as political thought in the United States.’
    • ‘The temperature was slightly elevated, the cadaver showed no sign of putrefaction.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Hong Fen Gao (Mercuric Oxide Paste) was applied to transform putrefaction and generate flesh.’
    • ‘The putrefaction in the financial world extends to government as well.’
    • ‘Garlic was really just a way of disguising putrefaction.’
    • ‘Just pop this disc in the player and you'll have all the putrefaction you could ask for.’
    dirt, muck, grime, mud, mire, sludge, slime, ooze, foul matter
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Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin putrefactio(n-), from putrefacere make rotten (see putrefy).