Definition of put the squeeze on in US English:

put the squeeze on


  • Coerce or pressure (someone).

    • ‘Just remember that despite the fiscal retrenchment and dramatic cuts in spending in the mid 80s, there was a great fear that we would default on our debt and the World Bank was putting the squeeze on countries like Ireland.’
    • ‘Coming up next: putting the squeeze on the middle-class, staggering increases in home prices in this country, staggering increases in the cost of health care and education.’
    • ‘Soaring drug costs are putting the squeeze on politically powerful seniors along with cash-strapped states and municipalities.’
    • ‘This was always about putting the squeeze on what ministers considered a highly profitable sector, with even greater long-term possibilities.’
    • ‘While the NHS is a good cause, it puts the squeeze on when the market has not yet fully recovered.’
    • ‘They had the bases loaded, and he put the squeeze on.’
    • ‘He's got some deliveries coming in that he needs to pay for, and maybe the bank is putting the squeeze on.’
    • ‘Tougher competition from supermarket chains, falling income from warranties, and upcoming rate and rent reviews are all putting the squeeze on Dixons high street performance, The Observer says.’
    • ‘Police are putting the squeeze on car crime on two Bradford estates.’
    • ‘The reason I got shot was two different families were trying to put the squeeze on me.’
    pressurize, pressure, bring pressure to bear on, strong-arm
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