Definition of put the make on in English:

put the make on


North American
  • Make sexual advances to (someone)

    • ‘I am not the most assertive when it comes to putting the make on someone but I respond very well to seduction.’
    • ‘After her uncle puts the make on her she takes off on her own using her feminine wiles to make it to the top.’
    • ‘A fireman, with an eye for the ladies, tries to put the make on an independent young typist.’
    • ‘He doesn't think Laura can handle Robert, and Luke is worried that Robert is putting the make on her.’
    • ‘The next thing we know, Marion is putting the make on her former lover Alec, Lisa is in labor, a baby changes hands and things get even more complicated.’
    • ‘He then sent me to the company psychiatrist who put the make on me, and then I really did scream to get out.’
    • ‘Back in high school, my buddies tried to put the make on anything that moved.’
    • ‘Amazingly, a female patron put the make on me after the movie ended.’
    • ‘And the next time he puts the make on you, remind him that's what he has a girlfriend for.’
    • ‘The movie opens in a bar, where an older blonde puts the make on laborer Vince Everett.’
    make sexual advances to, make advances to, make sexual overtures to, proposition, make a sexual approach to
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