Definition of put something over in US English:

put something over

phrasal verb

  • 1Communicate something effectively.

    ‘we wanted to put over the idea that the developers are interested in talking to the community’
    • ‘Speaking in Leeds, he said: ‘A general feeling has been put over that I am opposed to vaccination.’’
    • ‘now I'm here I shall put my point over.’
    • ‘It's a very different voice and they are putting it over in a very different way but the principle remains the same.’
    • ‘I thought he put his argument over very well.’
    • ‘I am willing to put my point over and can do so in a coherent, understandable manner.’
  • 2North American Postpone something.

    ‘let's put the case over for a few weeks’
    • ‘He'll put it over until the next meeting and we'll talk it through some more.’
    • ‘More worrisome still was his answer when the Weekly asked how much of the present problem would be put over to future years.’
    • ‘However, his sentencing was put over to Thursday for the completion of an extensive pre-sentence report.’
    • ‘Dawson reserved her decision and the case was put over.’