Definition of put something into words in US English:

put something into words


  • Express something in speech or writing.

    ‘he felt a vague disappointment which he couldn't put into words’
    • ‘Sometimes you just can't put your agony into words.’
    • ‘In the brutalized area one kilometer to the south, a weeping community leader put that sadness into words of disbelief.’
    • ‘People with Huntington's often have difficulty putting thoughts into words and slur their speech.’
    • ‘Mr Todd's wife, Marie, said: ‘I can't put my gratitude into words.’
    • ‘Though Pam had no doubt that her mom loved her, she didn't remember ever hearing her put it into words, let alone express it with an unsolicited hug or kiss.’
    • ‘It was quite weird, but the minute I put pen to paper and started putting things into words, things suddenly seemed a lot easier.’
    • ‘I like to think that I am still creative, that I can still form coherent thoughts and put them into words.’
    • ‘Authors put their thoughts into words for the whole community to see and critique.’
    • ‘At one of our board meetings, when we were struggling to put our mission into words, Jerry skipped lunch and went off by himself.’
    • ‘Those are the facts, but they don't convey the emotions of this achievement, and I won't even try to put them into words.’