Definition of put something forward in US English:

put something forward

phrasal verb

  • Submit a plan, proposal, or theory for consideration.

    • ‘The protected woodlands in Hazelwood will remain largely untouched, but proposals have been put forward that they be opened up to pedestrians via a series of walkways.’
    • ‘Proposals for changes to maternity care in mid Essex have been put forward.’
    • ‘The original proposals were put forward by the agency in December 2001.’
    • ‘Plans for a £65m entertainment arena in Leeds have been put forward by a London-based developer.’
    • ‘The latest proposals were put forward by the county council as part of its general programme to improve the safety of home-to-school walking routes.’
    • ‘The suggestion of a Pedestrian Crossing was put forward as one possible solution.’
    • ‘No concrete proposals were put forward at the meeting, a spokesperson said.’
    • ‘Alternative suggestions for the future of threatened Borthwick Wharf have been put forward.’
    • ‘A Private Members' Bill will be put forward in Parliament on January 7, which Geraldine says she will support.’
    • ‘A package of proposals will be put forward for public debate in the normal way, once we have reached our final conclusions.’
    propose, offer, advance, submit, present, tender, move, introduce, proffer, set forth, table
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