Definition of put something back in US English:

put something back

phrasal verb

  • 1Reschedule a planned event to a later time or date.

    • ‘Europeans eager to get their hands on the console will now have to wait the best part of a month for one, now the release date has been put back to 24 November from 26 October.’
    • ‘Although the date of June 4 has been set for trial, it is believed an application could be made by the defence team to put that date back to enable further preparations to be made.’
    • ‘Venues could be forced to close if the date is not put back.’
    • ‘The date of the roadworks could be put back to the autumn if that date is preferred.’
    • ‘Plans by Australian Wool Handlers to run alternate wool auctions have been put back until August to coincide with the new selling season.’
    • ‘We originally planned the event for July but then it was put back to September.’
    • ‘With Macclesfield possibly involved in play-offs for promotion, there's a chance the final could be put back from its scheduled date of April 27.’
    • ‘Suggestions are being made that perhaps the event could be put back a little, perhaps to the end of June.’
    • ‘But at a hearing at a Greek court to set the appeal date it was put back to January 13.’
    • ‘The monthly meeting of the guild has been put back to the later date of Wednesday, May 18.’
    postpone, defer, delay, put off, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, table
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    1. 1.1 Delay something.
      ‘greater public control may put back the modernization of the industry’
      • ‘Rail managers have already admitted that the finishing date of the station facelift has been put back by five months.’
      • ‘If the university is not planning on being a partner with the council, it puts the plan back a long way.’
      • ‘Its launch has been put back by negotiation delays, although the company confirms it is in negotiations with the larger studios and also with TV companies.’
      • ‘The development plans have been put back five to eight years.’
      • ‘The company's chief executive has been denied a visa, in a move that surely means the already delayed October 21 start of the trial will be put back still further.’
      postpone, defer, delay, put off, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, table
      postpone, defer, delay, put back, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, shelve, table
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