Definition of put someone to sleep in US English:

put someone to sleep


  • 1Make someone unconscious by the use of drugs, alcohol, or an anesthetic.

    • ‘I was given some drugs but they only put me to sleep.’
    • ‘Before the Finnish anaesthetist put him to sleep, an Australian nurse asked an Ethiopian translator to find out if the farmer had any questions.’
    • ‘For other major surgery, you'll often need general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep.’
    • ‘She vividly remembers the doctor coming one day when she was four or five, putting her to sleep with anaesthetic and ‘straightening my feet.’’
    • ‘For little children, it may be necessary to put them to sleep (general anesthetic) so that they don't move when radiation doses are given.’
    • ‘A general anaesthetic is most commonly used, which means that you will be put to sleep for the operation.’
    • ‘Sedative gases and drugs relieve anxiety and cause temporary relaxation without putting you to sleep.’
    • ‘I would like to give her medication myself that would put her to sleep.’
    • ‘Freyen thought the alcohol had put him to sleep.’
    • ‘We are going to give him some drugs to put him to sleep.’
    1. 1.1 Bore someone greatly.
      • ‘I started counting sheep, which didn't send me to sleep but reminded me of what I wanted to write to you about.’
      • ‘And since this is the kind of basic knowledge that every school kid should know, the text refrains from being so dry that it sends you to sleep.’
      • ‘But this wine from South East Australia is dull enough to send you to sleep.’
      • ‘All I need to do is familiarise myself with the basic rules of the game and develop the merest hint of a passing interest in a game which never fails to send me to sleep…’
      • ‘Sometimes during the day, when we are rehearsing, the scripts can send me to sleep.’
      • ‘In the middle of a lecture, a student stands up and says, ‘We're not paying you to read to us and put us to sleep!’’
      • ‘The priest was incredibly boring and practically sent me to sleep with his sermon.’
      • ‘I mean, broadly speaking there's a plan not to drive readers off screaming or send them to sleep.’
      • ‘I mean, it's not as if I'm after a film with car chases (Gillian reckoned there weren't any in this film) but I want something reasonably intelligent without being something that would send me to sleep.’
      • ‘The dreadful dullness of the Executive would be more apparent if the Party had not selected a leader who was supposed to soothe voters' fear of independence but has ended up sending them to sleep instead.’
      be tedious to, pall on, stultify, stupefy, weary, tire, fatigue, send to sleep, exhaust, wear out, leave cold
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