Definition of put someone to shame in US English:

put someone to shame


  • Disgrace or embarrass someone by outdoing or surpassing them.

    ‘she puts me to shame, she's so capable’
    • ‘Prague has a public transport system that puts London to shame.’
    • ‘I tend to think of myself as a fairly well-read and knowledgeable fellow, but Lex puts me to shame, with his vast library and conversational skills.’
    • ‘He is putting Hitler to shame by his cold-blooded savagery.’
    • ‘But she certainly puts us to shame at dinner times.’
    • ‘This new democracy puts Australia to shame in showing how little real accountability there is under our system with Government appointments to key positions.’
    • ‘With hands on their hips they thrust their pelvises, putting Elvis to shame.’
    • ‘When it comes to electoral excitement, the city of champions definitely puts Calgary to shame.’
    • ‘And at least Italians are passionate enough to vote: a turnout of around 80 per cent puts us to shame.’
    • ‘My two-year old godson puts me to shame - he's so much more co-ordinated than me.’
    • ‘He shines like sunlight during my darkest times, putting DeBeers to shame.’
    outshine, outclass, overshadow, eclipse, surpass, excel, be superior to, outstrip, outdo, put in the shade, upstage, leave behind
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