Definition of put someone to bed in US English:

put someone to bed


  • Take or prepare someone, typically a child, for rest in bed.

    ‘Clare put her to bed and gave her a mug of cocoa’
    • ‘My wife was out late last night, so I put Zachery to bed.’
    • ‘Denise said the accident happened after she had been putting Cameron to bed in his own bedroom and someone knocked at the door.’
    • ‘She said: ‘When we put Ethan to bed on Tuesday night he was fine, but it crept up overnight and on Wednesday morning he was unconscious and had purple blotches on his skin.’’
    • ‘The children were put to bed early that evening.’
    • ‘I had the pleasure of cooking dinner, feeding, bathing and putting Franklin to bed on my own.’
    • ‘My mother would put me to bed and I'd scream and scream.’
    • ‘When we put him to bed, he wants to tell us about his day.’
    • ‘He would come home, put Jack to bed as I cooked dinner, then we'd eat and have some quiet time together.’
    • ‘The baby started screaming as soon as I tried to give him his bottle and put him to bed.’
    • ‘Tonight, as I was changing Alex before putting her to bed, she did something she never did before.’