Definition of put someone on to in US English:

put someone on to

phrasal verb

  • Draw someone's attention to (someone or something useful, notable, or interesting)

    ‘Pike put me on to the Department's Legal Section’
    • ‘He's a new hip-hop artist a friend put me on to, and I'll be ever thankful to her.’
    • ‘Fortuitously, one of our many and varied listeners emailed me and put me on to this site.’
    • ‘Larry put me on to a project that's of interest to me.’
    • ‘It was her uncle Darren who put her on to Elvis.’
    • ‘He's interested in it, and he might be able to put you on to some similar source material.’
    • ‘I put her on to an article I'd found in the paper.’
    • ‘‘I'll put you on to a man who'll convince you,’ said my friend.’
    • ‘Maybe I will meet someone who can put me on to a job I would like.’
    • ‘I also needed some tennis locations and he put me on to some ones that were perfect.’
    • ‘Thanks to Tony for putting me on to this story.’