Definition of put someone on the spot in US English:

put someone on the spot


  • Force someone into a situation in which they must make a difficult decision or answer a difficult question.

    • ‘She's always talking to the actors and putting them on the spot.’
    • ‘Any time he put her on the spot or asked her a question, she would panic and her voice would go shaky for fear of saying something to embarrass herself.’
    • ‘I have never had a student who asked so many questions, who put me on the spot so much, who insisted on understanding every detail of every subject.’
    • ‘I had been silent for most of the lesson until Peter, the teacher, put me on the spot and asked me a question.’
    • ‘I don't want to put you on the spot, but I know at some point you've had to think about this.’
    • ‘I grabbed my hands behind my back, a gesture that I made every time I was put on the spot or in trouble.’
    • ‘The next question my friend posed really put me on the spot.’
    • ‘I did not have to put them on the spot up front and ask them too many questions about themselves.’
    • ‘It's hard for her to hear me say that, but if I am put on the spot and asked a difficult question, I'll answer it.’
    • ‘It puts McCain on the spot and pulls him right back to the center of this battle.’
    inconvenience, trouble, bother, impose on, cause inconvenience to, create difficulties for, put someone to any trouble, disoblige
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