Definition of put someone on notice in US English:

put someone on notice

(also serve notice)


  • Warn someone of something about or likely to occur, especially in a formal or threatening manner.

    ‘we're going to put foreign governments on notice that we want a change of trade policy’
    • ‘And that's when I think she really put us on notice.’
    • ‘As advised, I contacted Mr Cloke by telephone the same day putting him on notice of our letter of 5th March which was being faxed over for his attention.’
    • ‘It would put them on notice that readers would be watching.’
    • ‘In those circumstances, we put you on notice that we will be making an application to the court to extend time for service of our Defence for a further 3 months from today's date.’
    • ‘Now we're off to a good start in putting them on notice here in the Horn of Africa.’
    • ‘ISPs have been made responsible for removing illegal and harmful content under so-called notice and takedown procedures, once they have been put on notice by a complainant.’
    • ‘But we also want to put him on notice that we're coming after him.’
    • ‘We just want to put him on notice to remind him what we will be doing.’
    • ‘We expect to put Mr Byers on notice of our intentions soon.’
    • ‘Another 300 letters will go to bars and clubs in Hong Kong putting them on notice of what constitutes the legal and illegal screening of pay-TV services.’
    notify, alert, apprise, give notice, inform, tell, let someone know, make someone aware, give a warning to, give fair warning to, forewarn, put someone on guard, put someone on notice, remind
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