Definition of put someone in his (or her) place in US English:

put someone in his (or her) place


  • Deflate or humiliate someone regarded as being presumptuous.

    • ‘If that doesn't put her in her place, don't waste time mixing it up with her.’
    • ‘He wasn't surprised that his father had grabbed her with the intention of putting her in her place.’
    • ‘That was a bit harsh perhaps, but I could not resist putting him in his place.’
    • ‘She says that, after an initial nervousness that the heckler is going to throw her off, the audience love her all the more for putting him in his place.’
    • ‘John's logic here is hardly unassailable, and the lass promptly puts him in his place by taking up with a married middle-aged bank manager.’
    • ‘There is one, for example, The Actress's Tale, in which a famous actress comes to York for Ascot and she is put in her place by the people of York.’
    • ‘Mike would immediately put him in his place for he did not suffer fools or their antics.’
    • ‘He figures in a walk-on role in the drama of the Nathadwara artists, one of whom he appears to have crushed by decisively putting him in his place.’
    • ‘I'm writing this article because I feel like I as a young Latino, I need to put him in his place.’
    • ‘He then claims that he was put in his place by Maggie, the writer's aunt, who ran a shop in the town.’
    humiliate, take down a peg or two, deflate, crush, squelch, squash, humble, mortify, make someone eat humble pie, take the wind out of someone's sails
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