Definition of put someone (or something) through their (or its) paces in US English:

put someone (or something) through their (or its) paces


  • Make someone (or something) demonstrate their (or its) qualities or abilities.

    ‘the cars are examined by our safety experts and put through their paces by our drivers’
    • ‘On Sunday, scores of would-be Annies, Mollys, Peppers and Duffys were put through their paces at St Martin's Primary School, after the society switched audition venues to accommodate the huge numbers.’
    • ‘Nothing is really tested until it has been put through its paces out in the real world and I cheerfully ignore any tests I read about!’
    • ‘It's not uncommon to see executives and engineers helicopter prototypes down to the trail, where a test driver puts the new vehicle through its paces.’
    • ‘This is sure to attract a lot of attention both from entrants and spectators who can watch the dogs being led around their enclosure where they will be put through their paces and obedience tests.’
    • ‘I for one am looking forward to receiving a sample and putting it through its paces.’
    • ‘At Plymouth she will be put through her paces on her ability to berth and secure to a buoy, along with her storing facilities.’
    • ‘Three regional winners will go forward to a Grand Final on July 9th where they will be judged by an expert panel of children who plan to put them through their paces in a practical road-crossing test!’
    • ‘The officers will be trained by the city council's road safety team with training supervisor Mieke Jackson putting them through their paces.’
    • ‘For five days last week they were put through their paces by the coaches and picked up a lot of tips and skills that will no doubt improve their game.’
    • ‘‘Having put the finished product through its paces by rigorously testing it, we have confirmed that it is more accurate than any other such program in the past,’ according to Prof Easton.’