Definition of put someone/something to the test in US English:

put someone/something to the test


  • Find out how useful, strong, or effective someone or something is.

    • ‘Roddick and Federer were put to the test on Thursday when both competitors had to play twice to make up for a near-washout on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Few of us know how we will react in a sudden and life-threatening emergency situation until we are put to the test.’
    • ‘We currently have three to four first-year players on the court at any one time, putting our limited experience to the test.’
    • ‘The loyalty, and purses, of Scottish golf fans will be put to the test in future years when it is conceivable that three of the biggest tournaments in Europe could be held here within a five-week span.’
    • ‘They say laughter is the best medicine and therapists are putting this theory to the test at a laughter workshop being held in Billericay on Saturday.’
    • ‘I would like to see properly controlled studies where herbal remedies are put to the test.’
    • ‘Now his claim is put to the test when he is given 72 hours to treat 40 people who all suffer from an extreme fear of flying.’
    • ‘The result is an escalating spiral of suspicion, greed and betrayal, in which family and friendships are put to the test.’
    • ‘You've put in weeks, maybe months of training, and today your hard work is put to the test.’
    • ‘Vehicle recovery specialists were put to the test in Trowbridge on Saturday after two accidents within the space of an hour.’