Definition of put oneself in someone's place in US English:

put oneself in someone's place


  • Consider a situation from someone's point of view.

    • ‘If you put yourself in their place, and think what you would have done in the circumstances, you might have brought about the same results.’
    • ‘He puts himself in their place before making any decisions affecting them.’
    • ‘I put myself in the mother 's place and I feel the heartache of not just losing a child, but knowing that I was in some way to blame.’
    • ‘I often find myself, both in this blog and in real life, asking people (particularly childless ones) to put themselves in my place before judging me too harshly.’
    • ‘We've got children of our own and I've tried to put myself in their place - I can't imagine how they must feel.’
    • ‘Just try to put yourself in her place every once in a while.’
    • ‘It was round about now in 1997 that I was going through exactly the same process as these new applicants, but I'm finding it very difficult to put myself in their place.’
    • ‘Where's the understanding or sympathy for the desperate plight of other humans beings, and the willingness to put ourselves in their place?’
    • ‘When you know someone in the injured player's family, the tragedy is brought closer to ‘home’, magnified if you like, and you begin to put yourself in the player's place.’
    • ‘I know Ministers have a lot of paperwork but put yourself in her place.’