Definition of put one's foot down in US English:

put one's foot down


  • Adopt a firm policy when faced with opposition or disobedience.

    • ‘Then I thought it's because she's really nice, but then she puts her foot down.’
    • ‘And Mesereau puts his foot down and says you've got to step out of the way.’
    • ‘If girls themselves put their foot down, maybe some change would come.’
    • ‘‘The key to faking it,’ Johanna, 12, says, is putting your foot down: ‘Refuse to be lured into nervousness!’’
    • ‘I have thought of putting my foot down but I have a sneaking suspicion some of the unruly behaviour is vaguely familiar.’
    • ‘And it gets to the point where you have to put your foot down and just say I'm sorry, but this interview is over.’
    • ‘Many employers are putting their foot down when it comes to hiring veiled women.’
    • ‘And the parents had put their foot down and denied permission.’
    • ‘He will probably continue to do so until management puts their foot down.’
    • ‘Naturally Lou doesn't want to spend the extra cash on staff, but this time Harold is being the top and putting his foot down about it.’