Definition of put a damper on in US English:

put a damper on


  • Have a depressing, subduing, or inhibiting effect on.

    ‘he put a damper on her youthful excitement’
    • ‘The downpour put a damper on the event, sending revellers dashing to their cars.’
    • ‘In addition, high transaction costs - sales commissions plus transfer taxes - put a damper on rapid turnover of homes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the heavy rain and gusting winds on Saturday put a damper on the day's events.’
    • ‘Due to the rough seas, the group arrived a little late in Perth, but this did not put a damper on the holiday.’
    • ‘The abject disappointment of not being able to scare the neighbors with early morning firecrackers put a damper on our spirit.’
    • ‘Well, okay, bad weather can put a damper on any vacation (pardon the pun).’
    • ‘The newlyweds refused to let the typical English weather put a damper on their honeymoon and spent a week in a caravan.’
    • ‘The escalating cost of insurance is putting a damper on a village's bonfire night celebrations.’
    • ‘Even constant drizzle failed to put a damper on proceedings as the flag-waving throng partied late into the night.’
    • ‘The threat of rising interest rates in the coming months may put a damper on further consumer spending.’
    • ‘I'm willing to bet that the hurricane put a damper on the real estate market, but in a month or two, the signs will be washed off, propped back up, and it will be business as usual.’
    • ‘I don't mean to put a damper on your having fun but real life still happens in summer.’
    • ‘Weather conditions could hardly have been worse for the event with a strong biting wind and frequent wintry showers of rain and hail putting a damper on proceedings.’
    • ‘The rain also put a damper on the garden party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse yesterday afternoon.’
    • ‘A droopy stock market and the dot-com crash that began nearly two years ago put a damper on the high end at a time when many were trying to cash in on the real-estate boom.’
    • ‘Quit worrying, you're putting a damper on the day.’
    • ‘It was a pity that someone put a damper on the effort by passing a Greek note off as a £10.’
    • ‘Not even coming 11th in the competition put a damper on the all singing, all dancing Irish supporters who partied all the way.’
    • ‘Anna and I presumed the bad weather had put a damper on the festivities so we cracked open the bottle of booze we had taken along.’
    • ‘Of course there's always the obstacles of blocked aisles, crowded check-out lanes and a shortage of cashiers to put a damper on my plans for a quick trip.’
    ruin, wreck, destroy, upset, undo, mess up, make a mess of, dash, sabotage, scupper, scotch, torpedo, blast, vitiate
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