Definition of put a (or the) stopper on in US English:

put a (or the) stopper on


  • Prevent from happening or continuing.

    • ‘He notes that the volatility of oil prices as feedstock has had a negative impact on petrochemical companies, affecting their cash flow and putting a stopper on major projects.’
    • ‘This will put a stopper on rumours about him being ‘inspired’ by the film.’
    • ‘Then putting a stopper on my joy came the realization of how stupid I had been, allowing my emotions to cloud my judgement.’
    • ‘This put a stopper on my ability to full appreciate the set, but the parts of it that I followed in a fully conscious state I enjoyed and couldn't wait to get onto the next song.’
    bring to an end, halt, put an end to, end, bring to a stop, bring to a halt
    thwart, baulk, foil, frustrate, stand in the way of, forestall
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