Definition of put (or place) someone on a pedestal in US English:

put (or place) someone on a pedestal


  • Give someone uncritical respect or admiration; treat someone as an ideal rather than a real person.

    ‘if you idolize a girl and put her on a pedestal, she will sense it instantly’
    • ‘Drew does neither her readers nor McCain any favors by putting the man on a pedestal.’
    • ‘Despite already owning a share of the wins record, Brodeur is not ready to put himself on a pedestal.’
    • ‘The greatness of Kalki, who passed away 50 years ago, lies in his putting Tamil journalism on a pedestal.’
    • ‘The message is simple yet pervasive: Be careful about who you put on a pedestal.’
    • ‘In the environment where we were working, we were put on a pedestal.’
    • ‘Thus, Carly's love for performing has not led her to place herself on a pedestal.’
    • ‘The older gentleman who keeps the bird store across the street has put her on a pedestal.’
    • ‘The concept of motherhood is put on a pedestal.’
    • ‘I believe religion distances a person from God by placing Him on a pedestal.’
    • ‘Tailoring dessert to tug at your family's heartstrings will really put you on a pedestal.’