Definition of put-on in US English:



North American
  • A deception; a hoax.

    • ‘‘Lucky boy,’ she says before the frown - which was always a put-on - gives way to a glorious smile.’
    • ‘The thing I said about the ladies, well, it was just a big put-on.’
    • ‘Mathews is, among other things, a master of that now lamentably neglected '60s art form, the put-on.’
    • ‘For those thinking this is a parody or a put-on, please note that it is published by World Ahead Publishing.’
    • ‘Sourcing so hysterical you ask if it's a put-on.’
    • ‘In fact, I myself have uncovered evidence that the whole trip was just a put-on.’
    • ‘Spade offered them a contrived story about this all being a put-on to make them look foolish.’
    • ‘Jewish critics of Arendt's reading of Eichmann, instead, believed that Eichmann's normalcy was utterly an illusion or a put-on.’
    • ‘My speech, my delivery, my pauses - that's me, not a put-on.’
    • ‘For all I know the entire scene might have been a put-on with a hired actor, but I enjoyed the punch line.’
    • ‘‘Frankly, I still have to believe it's a put-on,’ says Ireland.’
    • ‘Of course, if that's a put-on, they're evil geniuses after all.’
    • ‘It's a put-on, really, not too much different than the high-theatre dramatism of five years before, really.’
    • ‘The first time I read this New York Sun story, I almost figured it was a put-on.’
    • ‘It's hard to tell if it's brilliant or a put-on, or just a brilliant put-on.’
    • ‘His accent, according to one teacher was ‘partly natural, partly a put-on.’’
    • ‘Either this is a put-on, or a reflection of the gut difficulty tribal Democrats have with political intermarriage.’
    • ‘A self-confessed Succubus Hunter, it's hard to tell if this guy's nuts or if the site's a put-on.’
    • ‘The Spanish word you're looking for now is macho - and as most any woman can tell you, it's usually a put-on.’
    • ‘Their Cuban identity may be a put-on, so to speak, but the Postizo crew have got the beat in their blood.’
    false, fake, hollow, artificial, feigned, pretended, put-on, exaggerated, overdone, lacking sincerity, not candid, not frank
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/ˈpo͝od ˌän//ˈpʊd ˌɑn/