Definition of put-down in US English:



  • A remark intended to humiliate or criticize someone.

    • ‘Caustic wit and the clever put-down are effective and useful weapons in political debate.’
    • ‘Borman points out that tolerating such heavy put-downs can squash your self-image.’
    • ‘Now that would be a put-down remark in most people's minds.’
    • ‘In almost anyone else's mouth those words would have been a put-down remark of a not very agreeable kind.’
    • ‘Green, one of the most flamboyant figures in the world of retailing, was characteristic in his put-down.’
    • ‘The broadstroke put-down of dissenters and the accompanying lop-sided press coverage is a stalwart debating tactic.’
    • ‘But what proved the most memorable of all was his foul language and absolutely appalling put-downs.’
    • ‘In the next article I shall address how to managing anger, stress, criticism and put-downs.’
    • ‘The idea is to foster discussion among colleagues with different points of view - not to win debating points with clever put-downs.’
    • ‘So I guess in between clever put-downs some of these guys are taking notes.’
    • ‘He was never at a loss for the wounding remark, the inappropriately coarse joke, the cold put-down.’
    • ‘But then Betjeman always enjoyed name-calling and was a great one for the put-down.’
    • ‘This remark was meant as a put-down, but I never took it that way.’
    • ‘Every put-down seems to help him come back stronger.’
    • ‘So not knowing anything about Korea is not a put-down by Americans; rather it is a national characteristic.’
    • ‘Clearly, the writers saved all of their best insults and put-downs for his character.’
    • ‘All cultures have their own favorite put-downs, and for Americans, it is to call someone a ‘coward.’’
    • ‘Why are humorous put-downs needed when direct criticism or insults could suffice?’
    • ‘Nevertheless, you don't hear jokes about equine looks, nor waspishly disparaging put-downs as often as you used to.’
    • ‘Refrain from insults, put-downs, and expressions of disgust, and avoid generalizations which are not only stereotypes, but often hurt.’
    snub, disparaging remark, insult, slight, affront, rebuff, sneer, disparagement, humiliation, slap in the face, barb, jibe, criticism
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