Definition of pustule in English:



  • 1A small blister or pimple on the skin containing pus.

    • ‘Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory facial dermatosis of unknown aetiology characterised by erythema and pustules.’
    • ‘The border of the lesion may contain pustules or follicular papules.’
    • ‘The bumps become pustules - sharply raised, usually round and firm to the touch.’
    • ‘Lesions consist of erythematous papules, nodules, pustules, verrucous, or granulomatous lesions.’
    • ‘All three reactions with early pustule formation indicate concurrent tuberculosis.’
    • ‘Numerous small pustules occur on surface of branchial regions.’
    • ‘Two months later, the purulent discharge, pustules, and erythema had resolved, and the nodules had diminished in size.’
    • ‘As the disease progresses, small light colored pustules will form in the center of the spots.’
    • ‘In 1789 there was an outbreak of swinepox and Jenner inoculated three people with pustules from this infection.’
    • ‘The most common signs of folliculitis are red bumps and pustules on the glutes and leg area.’
    • ‘How it works on spots: It kills the acne bacteria which cause infection and lead to the formation of spots and pustules.’
    • ‘Comedones, pustules, and papules may be present.’
    • ‘The lesions develop into 1-5 mm yellow-grey papules or pustules, with surrounding erythema, confined to the follicular ostia.’
    • ‘A few days later, painful blister-like pustules begin to form on the skin.’
    • ‘These pimples vary according to the severity of the acne and range from whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, nodules to cysts.’
    • ‘Erythematous papules and pustules characterize inflammatory acne, but comedones may also be present.’
    • ‘Tinea barbae may cause scaling, follicular pustules, and erythema.’
    • ‘The scalp may appear normal or have areas of erythema and pustule formation.’
    • ‘Crowds don't have hearts, or veins, or pustules, or cancers, though individuals do.’
    • ‘Mild acne is characterized by the presence of few to several papules and pustules, but no nodules.’
    pimple, spot, blackhead, boil, swelling, eruption, carbuncle, wen, cyst, abscess, blister
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    1. 1.1Biology A small raised spot or rounded swelling, especially one on a plant resulting from fungal infection.
      • ‘Mature soybean rust pustules have a small round opening at the top for spore release.’
      • ‘Some fields surveyed had orange leaf rust pustules on the lower leaves.’
      • ‘Unlike bacterial blight, warm temperatures do not limit development of bacterial pustule.’
      • ‘Bacterial blight and bacterial pustule have been identified in many soybean fields this year.’
      • ‘As the name implies the rust pustules appear as distinct yellow-orange stripes on the leaves.’


Late Middle English: from Latin pustula.