Definition of pushchair in English:



  • A stroller.

    • ‘Danielle's old pushchair is too small and her legs are all squashed up in it.’
    • ‘This latest pushchair again was pretty much the cheapest out there with the same criteria as the third.’
    • ‘If anyone reading this knows someone who has recently acquired a lovely new pushchair, which doesn't belong to them, I should be grateful if they would contact the police.’
    • ‘Paul finally said when I calmed down; I shifted my stare quickly to the pushchair.’
    • ‘Bear in mind however, that not all are wheelchair and pushchair accessible.’
    • ‘The Evening Press published a letter yesterday from a reader whose pushchair was stolen.’
    • ‘I took my daughter in the pushchair before the polling booth opened.’
    • ‘Middle-class, first-time parents will man the patrols with a three-wheel pushchair carrying their corn-fed, mop-topped urchins.’
    • ‘We wish to point out that we know from practical experience that neither the towpath nor the underpass are suitable for either a wheelchair or pushchair.’
    • ‘The two are linked by a three-kilometre promenade, perfectly suited to an afternoon stroll with the pushchair.’
    • ‘The path is tarmacked and flat and wide enough for a single wheelchair or pushchair.’
    • ‘Four children were among those pulled to safety from a burning block of flats by firefighters after ‘mindless’ vandals set fire to child's pushchair.’
    • ‘‘The bag was on my granddaughter's pushchair before I entered the shop but was missing when I got to the till,’ she said.’
    • ‘It is a lightweight, but strong, pushchair, invented so that mothers can go jogging without employing a sitter.’
    • ‘The dangerous stretch of road also poses problems for Matthew's sister who has to negotiate the road with a small child and pushchair.’
    • ‘You can understand the smaller shops being a bit narrow and pushchair unfriendly, but in general you expect the larger chains to be more amenable to parental shopping.’
    • ‘God forbid if any pushchairs or Zimmer frames attempted to get past us.’
    • ‘One drawback for us, however, was the lack of access for pushchair users.’
    • ‘One pair of grandparents will buy the pram or pushchair and the other will get the cot.’
    • ‘Essentials such as pregnancy testing kits, a cot, pushchair, car seat and even stretch mark cream are then added to the cost.’