Definition of pushbike in US English:



  • A bicycle.

    • ‘There could have been up to 15, including two on pushbikes.’
    • ‘Now it seems if he climbed on a pushbike the chain'd come off.’
    • ‘He takes us from the French pushbike or draisine of 1816 through boneshakers and penny-farthings to the English velocipedes and the Humbers of the 1880s.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We live on weekly benefits of £83 and I use a pushbike because we can't afford a car.’
    • ‘What people generally do is hire pushbikes and go cycling around the desert, visiting sites and getting sunburned.’
    • ‘Watching carefully for pushbikes, which usually ignore the traffic lights completely, I make sure the last red-light-running car has gone by.’
    • ‘Many people think that riding a motor-bike is just like cycling a pushbike but it's not - it demands tuition, skill, road sense and judgement.’
    • ‘Even when I was a kid on my pushbike I imagined it was a speedway bike.’
    • ‘This will provide an easy approach for people in wheelchairs or with pushbikes and prams.’
    • ‘Will you still be riding pushbikes in 10 years time?’
    • ‘When he returned to York, his criminal activities racked up a gear, and he started stealing pushbikes and motorbikes, and assaulted the head teacher at his school in the Groves.’
    • ‘His parents split up when he was young and his mother never drove, meaning that to indulge his longing for adventure he had to use his pushbike.’
    • ‘Then watch in fear, surprise and alarm as the local copper enters the tunnel at the other end on his pushbike.’
    • ‘What about getting the mopeds and pushbikes out and using them for a change?’
    • ‘I invested in an old pushbike and cycled through the seething frenzy of traffic with my own mortality looming before me like a 20 ft shadow.’
    • ‘He owns four cars, three motorbikes and four pushbikes - all of which he ‘tinkers with’.’
    • ‘Without a doubt I'm going to make changes - I'll probably start swimming, and get my pushbike out.’
    • ‘We unload the bus and we all depart the training centre in a happy convoy of scooters and pushbikes.’
    • ‘We phoned the environmental health department and two months ago they put some posts in the centre of the path and put up signs saying the path is for pedestrians and pushbikes.’
    • ‘McGlynn had never ridden so far, nor even taken her pushbike on a busy road.’