Definition of push button in US English:

push button


  • A button that is pushed to operate an electrical device.

    as modifier ‘a push-button telephone’
    ‘some kind of push button on their TV sets’
    • ‘The economics of this kind of transaction suggest that the day of the tinkerer is over, its end hastened by specialization, easy disposability, and push-button electronics that nobody really understands.’
    • ‘Ensign Nelson stared up at the three-story computer core, something covered with blinking lights and archaic push-button interfaces, a system not seen in the Federation since the War of Darkness.’
    • ‘This souped-up model has dual speeds, push-button control options, and a two-minute timer that beeps every 30 seconds as a reminder to move on.’
    • ‘It's practically a push-button reflex with you.’
    • ‘Releasing Sara's hand, Gwin ran to the front door and pointed at a push-button switch to the left.’
    • ‘There is an electronic, push-button steering lock - Bentley owners are, it seems, too posh to push.’
    • ‘Chronically short of musicians for military funerals, the Pentagon has approved the use of a push-button bugle that plays taps by itself as the operator holds it to his lips.’
    • ‘This circuit consists of a push-button switch and a jack into which the sticks are plugged.’
    • ‘After several minutes, a live operator comes on the line; subject admits to his inability to properly utilize a push-button phone.’
    • ‘With the luxury of push-button devices, DJs and truck-borne musicians increased music speed on demand or at will.’
    • ‘There are no dials, it's a push-button thing: push for on/off or to change the radio station or turn the volume up or down.’
    • ‘There was a peculiar looking red cone connected to the push-button control.’
    • ‘It also offers switch plates and push-button wall switches.’
    • ‘The PC may be king now, but in time that will change as the technology is imbedded into a wide variety of push-button devices around the home.’
    • ‘I am also a blogger - a citizen journalist or push-button publisher - and it as both part-time citizen and blogger that I write to you now.’
    • ‘A push-button pad enables mode selection, functional control and the setting of audio and visual alarm thresholds for both dose rate and mission dose.’
    • ‘Contractors can load the device, lift it (by using either a toggle switch control or an optional push-button remote), pin it in place, strap down the load, and drive away.’
    • ‘Back the we were delighted to get rid of it in return for a push-button phone, but now it has a certain charm and I could imagine it going very well in my lounge.’
    • ‘Everyone can make mistakes, particularly when their job is to be a pundit for the push-button future.’
    • ‘There are four blocks, each with front doors that had a push-button intercom system.’
    mechanized, mechanical, automated, push-button, preprogrammed, computerized, electronic, robotic, unmanned
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