Definition of push broom in US English:

push broom


  • A broom consisting of a handle attached at an angle to a wide brush that is worked by pushing.

    • ‘Made from old parts, its burnt-orange bed is filled with balding tires, plastic drums, aluminum cans, wire-tangled innards of mechanical devices, and a push broom.’
    • ‘Using a push broom, sweep off accumulated leaves, pine needles, and heavy buildups of dirt that could slow down the natural flow of rain off the roof and lead to leaks.’
    • ‘He grabbed a push broom and hurried back down the hall and round the corner.’
    • ‘For cleaning out hopper bottom wagons, we added a piece of wide rubber belting to the top of the push broom.’
    • ‘I hadn't even noticed that it was icy, and only noticed it this time because pseudonymous kid was scraping the ice off the window with his little plastic Playmobile push broom.’
    • ‘If you don't have covers be sure to get all the frost off with a push broom before using it.’
    • ‘They band recorded the tracks on primitive equipment with a microphone taped to a push broom.’
    • ‘Using a heavy push broom, I worked my way down the sidewalk.’
    • ‘Though the world would scarcely be a poorer place if all the collected teen angst were swept into the Atlantic, the Pocket Rockets are at least intriguing enough to make you think twice before you break out the push brooms.’
    • ‘He never had to learn how to fix toilets or push brooms, so long as he could remember lyrics and find groupies.’
    • ‘The traditional push broom was made with two threaded holes for the handle.’
    • ‘However, we often remove the snow using a large push broom and clear along the sides if necessary with shovels or a front-end loader, mostly to get light to the plants inside faster.’
    • ‘I went to Home Depot today to buy a push broom and ended up leaving with the broom, some hedge trimmers and a mat to put under our grill once we move it from the garage to the new deck.’
    • ‘The artist used a push broom to create two broad, semi-circular swaths of orange, pink, brown and green.’
    • ‘But he doesn't really talk to me that often, and when he does, it's never small talk, just a brief question about using my push broom or something like that.’
    • ‘I love that little fact. ‘Amelia spotted them laughing with each other at the image of the Disney Execs using a bunch of push brooms to herd a bunch of lemmings into a quick swim.’’
    • ‘The seed is spread on the soil, then you should take a push broom and drag it backwards over top of the seeded area.’
    • ‘Heavy duty push brooms are constructed from the highest quality materials available, offering you the finest broom anywhere.’
    • ‘Work the seal into the fibers with a clean push broom, and allow the carpet to dry completely.’
    • ‘Remove the sawdust with a soft push broom, then follow with a leaf blower or similar blower to get the wood as clean as possible.’