Definition of push-start in US English:



[with object]
  • Start (a motor vehicle) by pushing it and putting it in gear in order to make the engine turn.

    • ‘Check owner's manual for the proper way to push-start your vehicle.’
    • ‘It's where historic race cars are push-started down the track as they were decades ago.’
    • ‘That will be followed by the Cacklefest, which involves many early-days-style front-engine dragsters being push-started.’
    • ‘From the second stop, we had to push-start the car.’
    • ‘They shook Arnie awake and put him behind the wheel so Mike and Jack could push-start the car.’
    • ‘At 14, they push-start karts and learn mechanics.’
    • ‘The bus in which they were touring had to be push-started at New Italy and at Coraki!’
    • ‘The activity involves early style front-engine dragsters push-started and gathered on the dragstrip's starting-line with the engines running.’
    • ‘Not only is he a dab hand at changing a spare tyre, he can also push-start a 19-tonne articulated truck single-handedly.’
    • ‘Another photo called Team Bus shows a group of players push-starting their bus for the trip home.’
    • ‘The first gentleman assisted us by trying to push-start the car to the Shell Garage in Kidd's Beach.’
    • ‘The crew attempted to push-start the car, but that failed.’
    • ‘Greene found himself helping to push-start the clinic's worn-out ambulance, a battered old mini-van whose back seats had been removed.’
    • ‘Often they had to push-start the car after a stop.’


  • An act of push-starting a motor vehicle.

    • ‘On hand to give the club a push-start was GAA President Joe McDonagh, who also officially launched the County Board's website.’
    • ‘After getting a push-start on the restart, his voltage dropped, and the team brought him in on Lap 89 to replace the battery.’
    • ‘Basically, you need the hardware equivalent of a Concorde super-sonic jet getting a push-start from Superman to play it on the highest detail settings.’
    • ‘You splashed them on a cover and gave them the push-start they needed.’
    • ‘Farmers need basic agricultural supplies to give them the push-start they need.’