Definition of push-pull in English:



  • 1attributive Operated by pushing and pulling.

    • ‘Dual-Safe's handgun lock box uses a push-pull latch for fast access.’
    • ‘A push drill is similar to a push-pull screwdriver in the respect that you operate the tool by the same movement.’
    • ‘This forces the works into a push-pull situation.’
    • ‘The diesels and the new generation push-pull trains are chugging, but the sound of the trains is as lyrical as ever to them.’
    • ‘Sylvia Plath and the Theatre of Mourning continues this tense push-pull struggle with biography throughout its pages.’
    • ‘Instead, he focuses on the push-pull forces that simultaneously bind Johnny and Sarah's family and threaten to tear them apart.’
    • ‘Kiaer's idiosyncratic palette is filled with strong tonal contrasts, which add to the push-pull effect.’
    • ‘You're still working in the push-pull system from Week 3, but step it up in intensity, pairing exercises into supersets.’
    • ‘This means that the heatsink fan combination moves air in a push-pull fashion.’
    • ‘Like elsewhere, colorfully painted local trains connected larger cities with smaller ones and operated continuously in push-pull fashion.’
    • ‘If the ribbon drive is a push-pull drive system then the operation could be either intermittent or continuous.’
    • ‘Frankly, I think it's going to be a push-pull effect.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that the children have been placed in a push-pull situation, and impacted by the ongoing custody-access dispute.’
    • ‘The flight controls feature all push-pull rod primary controls and boosted ailerons.’
    • ‘The coolest aspect of podcasting to me is the nature of its automatic push-pull technology that fetches stuff for me.’
    • ‘Lemo's easy to connect and disconnect push-pull connectors are available in more than 55,000 off-the-shelf versions.’
    • ‘Combining them so they appear harmonious and have no noticeable push-pull effect is also quite an achievement.’
    • ‘This push-pull effect is stronger the closer the second car gets to the first.’
    • ‘A marc locomotive and push-pull train were in the Camden station as we left to go to lunch.’
    • ‘Tapes will load using a push-pull motion that the drive participates in, eliminating the motion for automation of the robot.’
    1. 1.1Electronics Having or involving two matched tubes or transistors that operate 180 degrees out of phase, conducting alternately for increased output.
      • ‘Fixed frequency, push-pull power stages tend to suffer lower noise while remaining easier to monitor during testing.’
      • ‘Designed for medical applications, a rugged push-pull connector offered by ODU-USA Inc. can withstand more than 1000 mating cycles.’
      • ‘The crosshead can be removed to conduct push-pull open-frame tests.’