Definition of purposiveness in US English:



  • See purposive

    • ‘This point of view mediates the animal's experience and conveys its purposiveness and emotional states, without suggesting that the animal itself relies on language or a symbolic understanding of its environment.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, Adorno does return again and again to the fundamental premise that the human and social purposiveness of the experimental or innovative in art is to create freedom in the context of unfreedom.’
    • ‘In an effort to compare the evolution of purposiveness with the additional attributes of intentionality, a simple test of purposiveness was devised based primarily on the criterion of rationality.’
    • ‘This principle of common sense is the form that the general a priori principle of the purposiveness of nature for judgment takes when we are trying to understand the subjective conditions of aesthetic judgments of beauty.’
    • ‘Evolution is progressive, arising from both combinatorial novelties and purposiveness: thus, behavior ratchets evolution and sometimes catalyzes it.’