Definition of purposelessness in US English:



  • See purposeless

    • ‘After much prayer and consideration, we simply decided that they can take their purposelessness elsewhere.’
    • ‘That was the origin of modern misery - the anxiety in contemporary society, the sense of drift, the purposelessness, the craving for false pleasures.’
    • ‘Perhaps sensing this, you all of a sudden make a final murderous leap at the throat of macro-level teleology - ‘ultimate purpose’ - as if to justify the purposelessness you see in life.’
    • ‘At the homestead butterflies hang languidly from the flowering trees, and float with an air of purposelessness - in striking contrast to their business-like attitude as caterpillars - from tree to tree.’
    • ‘Purposefully achieved purposelessness, a thing done for its own mildly mysterious sake - justified in part by the relationship between artist, place and people set up during the process of making.’