Definition of purple state in English:

purple state


  • A US state where the Democratic and Republican parties have similar levels of support among voters.

    ‘Iowa today is a purple state, pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats’
    Compare with blue state and red state
    • ‘This is a purple state.’
    • ‘The local newspaper called the comments "an eyebrow-raiser, at the very least", adding, "In a purple state like Colorado, Republicans can't afford those".’
    • ‘Colorado has, I believe, always been a purple state.’
    • ‘All of the states you just mentioned are basically purple states.’
    • ‘Minnesota is a purple state.’
    • ‘The governors have a record of victory, including in blue states and purple states.’
    • ‘While the state was "moving in the right direction, it's still a purple state."’
    • ‘But it's the so-called purple states that are bitterly contested.’
    • ‘Thus, the Senate is a much more cushy job for Kerry than someone from a red or purple state.’
    • ‘We're more of a purple state than blue or red.’
    • ‘The reds are red and the blues are blue - and it's going to be a street fight in the purple states.’
    • ‘And that's why it's such a fascinating purple state right now.’
    • ‘"It would be the first sign of turning Florida from a purple state to one that's blue," he said.’
    • ‘Convinced the party needed a viable operation nationwide, not just in the blue and purple states, he spent millions to hire three to five new staff members in all 50 states to handle fund-raising, communications and organizing.’
    • ‘New Hampshire is a purple state in a deeply blue New England (but, being a coastline state, it would not matter much that it was not connected by land to other breakaway states).’
    • ‘We're more of a purple state than a blue or red, but it's very important for the president to talk to our base.’
    • ‘Fresh-faced, wealthy, personable and a moderate from a purple state with a successful spell as Governor under his belt, he could well be the next Democratic president.’
    • ‘Indiana and Ohio appear as two purple states jutting into an otherwise blue Great Lakes region.’
    • ‘When the presidential election results are parsed, New York, like much of the nation, is more a purple state than a bright red or blue one.’
    • ‘Is this she going to be called down to Florida to campaign in that race, or New Jersey or some of these purple states?’


With allusion to the fact that the color purple is a blend of red and blue.