Definition of purple gallinule in US English:

purple gallinule


  • 1

    another term for gallinule
    • ‘Female purple gallinules lay six to ten eggs in a nest of dead tree stems and leaves.’
    • ‘The beautiful Purple Gallinule lives primarily in freshwater marshes.’
  • 2A marsh bird of the rail family, with a purplish-blue head and breast and a large red bill, found throughout the Old World.

    Porphyrio porphyrio, family Rallidae

    • ‘In the lagoon I saw a couple of coots, three moorhens chasing each other around in the grass, a magpie flying over the marsh, and a spectacular purple gallinule (not the same species as the one in North America).’
    • ‘Texans licensed to hunt with trained raptors may loose those birds through Jan. 28 on rails, moorhens and purple gallinules.’