Definition of purification in US English:



  • 1The removal of contaminants from something.

    ‘water purification’
    ‘his blood is pumped out and, after purification, pumped back in’
    • ‘We consulted a Norwegian expert on purification of effluents.’
    • ‘Water control ties in with fish and wild-life preservation, with purification of streams polluted by city sewers and industrial wastes.’
    • ‘The mayor's projects to improve the purification of drinking water in the metropolitan area were given a nod of approval at the meeting.’
    • ‘The relevant purification equipment has already been purchased but remains in storage.’
    • ‘This is a primary ancient herb for blood purification through liver detoxification.’
    • ‘This would contribute to natural purification of air and water.’
    • ‘These are being used in cancer treatmetnts and liver purifications.’
    • ‘This is essential to keeping water purification costs down.’
    • ‘For further purification one may install either chemical or thermal equipment for destruction of remaining odour components.’
    • ‘The main defect is due to the narrowing and under-development of the pulmonary artery in the lungs, the site of purification of blood.’
    • ‘An air purification system can rid your home of contaminants and odors in the air.’
    1. 1.1 The process of extracting something from a substance.
      ‘the purification of DNA from any sample type’
      • ‘The separation and final purification of the two enzymes was achieved by anion exchange chromatography.’
      • ‘We performed DNA amplification, purification, sequencing, and fragment assembly.’
      • ‘This allowed the purification and sequencing of six positive clones containing the previously determined nucleotide sequence.’
      • ‘The cycling profile and subsequent purification and automated sequencing followed protocols outlined in Matthee et al.’
      • ‘Separation science involves the use of techniques to facilitate the separation, purification and analysis of complex mixtures of chemical and biological compounds.’
      • ‘The protein purification procedure was identical to that described earlier.’
      • ‘Plasmid DNA was prepared using the Qiagen plasmid purification system.’
      • ‘Chemical separation and purification of uranium-233 from thorium and plutonium-239 from uranium require far less effort than enrichment of isotopes.’
      • ‘Then you can do all your purifications and separations, and look at your leisure for which proteins fluoresce.’
      • ‘Purification should yield a sample of protein containing only one type of molecule, the protein in which the biochemist is interested.’
    2. 1.2 The process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean.
      ‘purification of the mind through reflection and contemplation’
      ‘the goal of the religious fast is purification of the soul’
      count noun ‘being conscious of evil, they engaged in purifications’
      • ‘Through rigid Yogic discipline, he seeks divine grace for the purification of his mind and soul.’
      • ‘He firmly advocated karma and bhakti as the means to purification of mind.’
      • ‘This is a symbolic purification of the individual as he or she passes from the secular world into the spiritual world.’
      • ‘Personal reform requires purification of the heart from pride, sensuality, and lust for power.’
      • ‘I reached the bottom of my grief: a genuine purification of emotion.’
      • ‘The bathing is followed by spiritual purification and a ceremony which secures the blessings of the deity.’
      • ‘It fell upon the women to oversee the purification of a city polluted by violence and death.’
      • ‘Ancient Magicians recommended a preliminary purification of from three days to many months.’
      • ‘Regular purification ceremonies take place here.’
      • ‘Purification rites help us to wash away or let go of these obstacles.’
      • ‘There is a period of ritual purification (usually fasting), followed by venturing out into the wilderness (the "quest" part).’